Evident Savoury


Mark 9:50; Matthew 5:13; 8:11,12

Meditative Verse:
“Salt is good: but if the salt have lost his saltiness, wherewith will ye season it? Have salt in yourselves, and have peace one with another.”
– Mark 9:50 (KJV).

“Salt is good”. In Matthew 5:13, however, the primary reference of the words is to the visible community of believers, the Church of Christ, as preserving the world from corruption. Here the words admonishes primarily of the inward grace of the believer. And the salt is the symbol, and which alone makes the Church what it ought to be, as “the salt of the earth”, not just a localised salt- having the pervading effect.
Have salt in yourselves.—The words that follow, “have peace in yourselves,” seem to refer to the contention in Mark 9:33, with which this portion of our Lord’s teaching had begun. The purity from selfish aims, which was symbolised by the “salt,” was the chief or only preservative of peace.

In that text, Christ compared His disciples, whether preachers or others, to salt. Because by their doctrine, and holy life and example, will keep the church and the world sweet. These are good.
But if any appearing such- as the salt, apostatize, or be lazy and inactive, what are they good for? Or what shall season them?
how sobbering! If after influencing lives with preaching and sharing the word of God, giving alms, etc., and you lost the most important part of living- holiness unto the Lord, what good are you for? What is left for you if all the offering you gave in the church and you did not offer yourself spiritually? Nothing left than to be cast out!
Have salt in yourselves, and have peace one with another. Here salt is taken in a little different sense. In the former sense themselves were the salt. Salt to influence Spiritually. Now, they are commanded to keep salt in themselves. They could not have been salt to season others, if themselves had not first been salted with gracious habits of knowledge, faith, love, fear of God. Now Christ commands us to “have salt in yourselves”. Let not this holy fire die from the altar, take heed of losing your savour. Be cautioned of what could lead to lose of saltness.

“And have peace one with another”.It is one thing in the nature of salt to unite and knit the parts of the body salted together, so as the upholding of a union and peace one with another will declare that you have salt in yourselves. By this we know “we are translated from death to life, if we love the brethren.” In order to which men must avoid envy, and emulation, and contests for superiority, etc., salt becomes a necessity!

Prayers: That I will not lose my saltness, give me grace to alway draw close to You and walk in Your steps. In Jesus’ Name. Amen

Further Reading: Matthew 13:47-50

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God be with you!!!

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